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IRPF has established relationships with many countries through the last ten years of programming. For more information on past or current programs in these countries, click on the green map pins. Scroll down to read more on how our programs are developed. If you wish to contact us, email us at

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IRPF association development programs are developed in three progressive phases in each country:

Phase I
Association Formation and Organization involves establishing a network of real estate association partners in a particular country and completing basic organizational tasks.

Prior to Phase I, a comprehensive market assessment  is completed.

Phase II
Association Development IRPF provides a broad spectrum of technical assistance and skills training, including advocacy, designed to build capacity and skills within each association and among its members.

Phase III
Association Maturity and Self Sustainability IRPF concentrates on strengthening the self-sufficiency of each association, expanding the association’s program of member services and creating a permanent and mutually beneficial relationship between the association and other key stakeholders in the local real property community, and the international real estate community.

In each phase, institutional capacity grows as core competencies and technical skills are mastered and developmental benchmarks are achieved. Once an association has been formed and organized, to grow and develop it must progressively develop its capabilities. Ultimately, associations need to master the following eight competencies and characteristics:

-Association executives and staffs develop adequate management capacity

-Associations achieve financial independence

-Standards of the real estate profession are established and elevated

-Associations implement effective membership development and recruitment programs

-Associations provide value added services to their members

-Property market data is aggregated, analyzed and shared among association members

-Associations effectively advocate for the interests of the profession

-Members of the associations develop international contacts and relationships