Since it's beginning in 1992, IRPF has prided itself with delivering “off the shelf” proven solutions in the 27 countries in which it has worked. Our resources include information which records the development of real property markets in client markets and as well as the training elements which helped fuel that development. Topical Reports are also available.

Additional training materials, reports, and presentations from IRPF.

IRPF is pleased to offer international partners and consultants access to resources covering a variety of real estate topics:

  • Topical Resources
    • An Introduction to the Institutes, Societies, and Councils of NAR
    • Guidelines for Arbitration Between REALTORS®
    • Affinity Marketing and Relocation Referrals
    • Information for Foreign Investors in US Real Property
    • Why Require a Licensing System
    • Market Driven Association Management
    • The NAR Three-way Agreement
    • A Brief History of Multiple Listing Systems
    • The Meaning of Political Power—Lobbying for REALTORS®
    • Making the Switch to an Internet Multiple Listing System
    • The Code is Good Business
    • and More

Basic Skills

  • Association Management
    • Advocacy Resource Center
    • Background Reading
    • Business Ethics
    • Leadership Development Resource Center

Association Evaluation

  • Brokerage and Sales
    • Listing and Sales Resources Center
    • Brokerage Management Resource Center
  • Appraisal
    • JP Morgan Chase Bank: Appraisal Guidelines
    • Highest and Best Use Seminar
    • Real Estate Valuation Seminar
  • Consultant Presentations
    • Marcus Wally’s Business Practice Seminar—2009
    • Russian Property Market Presentation—2008
    • Property Rights and Access to Credit around the World—2008
    • Brokerage Training Presentation—2008
    • US Housing Market Presentation—2008
    • Association Executive Training


IRPF has been the subject of two evaluations prompted by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1994 and 1999, and a third independently commission evaluation done in 2009.


Annual Reports and Statements of Financial Position for the past few years.  Look for the following in each report:  Letter from the President;  Highlights of IRPF activities; and other key news from IRPF.



A publication of IRPF, the Management Guide for Real Estate Associations is designed for use by the volunteer leaders and staff of real estate associations around the world. The goal of the guide is to provide direction to these associations through a self-assessment process and a guide for strengthening and expanding them.


Functioning property markets allow citizens to have a stake in the system so they can leverage their assets to generate wealth. Reliable and efficient property markets are also the foundation for further economic development that can help eliminate poverty. Strengthening property rights institutions contributes to the development of democratic participation and human rights.  The current phase of this ongoing project includes:

Exposure of the Scorecards developed during the first phases that clearly show the strength of the Core Elements, Lead Indicators and Sub-Indicators of property markets in seven countries including interactive Online Scorcards. Partnering with interested civil society, development and government organizations to create and update Scorecards and field implementation projects to build institutional capacity.

The primary goal is to provide the proven and tested steps necessary to move from simply providing property rights towards more effective markets where those rights can be leveraged to create economic freedom.

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