About Us

About the Foundation

The Foundation, backed by the expertise of its diverse partner base, pursues its objectives of:

·   Program Development and Delivery to support the real estate brokerage, valuation, and property management professionals

·   Providing Advocacy/Marketing Advice

·   Developing Associations for real estate professionals

·   Educating governments, academics and end users on the importance of market efficiencies

Through pursuing its objectives, IRPF also contributes to the larger development goals of strengthening real estate capital markets, effecting legal and regulatory reform strategies and streamlining and helping to develop transparent land titling/registration systems.

IRPF’s expertise comes from the large pool of practitioners and professional experts to which the Foundation has unique and deep access through its strategic partner affiliations in the U.S. and around the world.  This has led IRPF is considered by USAID as the “standard setter” in real estate education, association development and market assessments.    


IRPF’s tested methodology includes:

Assess Markets: IRPF conducts a detailed in-country real estate market needs assessment that identifies those needs where experienced service providers can provide solutions, and determines methodologies and plans to meet these market needs.

Deliver Talent Tailored to the Need: IRPF serves as the clearinghouse for the identification and deployment of consultants and organizational assistance that can deliver the solutions to the identified market needs.

Create Self-Sustaining Organizations: IRPF, where appropriate, develops in-country associations or other organizations that are self-sustaining and that contribute long term to the efficiency of the markets.

Deliver “Off the Shelf” Proven Solutions: IRPF has accumulated an inventory of standard solutions to typical developing country real estate market needs which it adapts to address specific conditions of specific markets.  This enables IRPF to efficiently deliver expertise to execute a defined assignment.