Women’s Empowerment in Real Time: Women Council of Uganda Seeks to Build Long Lasting Real Estate Business Skills

Recent picture of the Women Council of Uganda.


The International Real Property Foundation (IRPF) prides itself on the focus that it seeks to give to women in the international development sector. Because of this, the Foundation is excited to announce a few updates regarding the Women Council of Uganda. Due to all of the hard work that was achieved in constructing this innovative council, here’s a brief history of its implementation.


In 2012, the project officially began. The conception of the project was designed to address the need for diversity in the Ugandan real estate market.  Realizing that the Ugandan real estate sector is an emerging market, it was no surprise to see that the voices of women within this community were not active or integrated fully.  The Agricultural Sector of Uganda is 80% women-driven through subsistence agriculture in rural areas, and with agriculture being the dominant activity on land in Uganda, women have a major stake in this sector.  However, women only own less than 8% of the land. Igniting the Foundation’s passion for property rights, specifically gender equality and female empowerment, a new development began.

Honing in on a partnership with AREA-Uganda allowed the Foundation to observe and solidify the important role women play in the real property arena. Partnering with AREA-Uganda, the official launch of the Women’s Committee, which occurred at the Women’s Real Estate Conference with the theme of Ensuring Home Ownership for Ugandans by Empowering Women in Uganda’s Real Estate Sector celebrated women’s potential in and significance to the industry, but also provided relevant knowledge and networking opportunities.  This unique conference took place between November 30th and December 1st, 2012.

Later years saw the conference continue to grow and thrive, offering courses in basic financial disciplines, expanding knowledge in secure property rights and promoting the exchange of ideas. Under the guidance of current AREA Uganda CEO, Vincent Agaba, IRPF secured funding from the Leonard P. Reaume Memorial Foundation for continuing training programs for the Council. However, Agaba isn’t the only one willing to continue to push for the Women Council of Uganda. Clothilda Nakimbugwe, a prominent female entrepreneur and real estate professional, and Rachael Mirembe, Professor at the Makerere University Business School and former chairperson of the Women’s Council of AREA, also aid the Council and IRPF with advice on best strategies to move this powerful group forward. IRPF continues to support the Women Council of Uganda by advising and raising funds to allow the council to continue to provide services to the women of Uganda. The Women Council of Uganda provides a true testament of change. The small committee has graduated from being a local entity to a platform of female empowerment and commitment to global inclusion.