IRPF's 2015 Annual Report

Article By: 
An'Drea Hall, Program Specialist

Want to know what the International Real Property Foundation was up to last year? Well, we've whittled down our major successes into a 15-page report* that is currently available in a PDF just for you.

This report includes a personal letter from IRPF's CEO & President, Norm Flynn, in addition to reports on our real estate training sessions in Moldova, real estate courses in Serbia, the first ever Women's Committee Breakfast Meeting, NAR-India trainings with Richard Mendenhall and Belton Jennings, the Ghana Parliamentary Delegation in Chicago, Code of Ethics, Agency, and Representation training sessions in Albania and much more.  

Click here for 2015 Annual Report or click the link below. 


[*]Note: This report does not include any financial information. If you wish to have access to this information, please contact IRPF's Managing Director, Sylvia Luchini via email at:

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